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Save Our Water is a citizens group in Centre Wellington, Ontario. We are fighting a giant: Nestlé Waters. Specifically, we are fighting to preserve the Middlebrook well, which was purchased by Nestlé in our community. The company outbid our township and secured the well for private exploitation.

We believe groundwater is a public trust being held for future generations. Nestlé views it as a commercial commodity. We want the Government of Ontario to refuse Nestlé a permit to extract billions of litres of our water.

Over the past three years, our group has expanded to more than 750 people. We include lawyers, hydrogeologists, financial professionals, environmental science students, business owners, young families, artists, retirees, faith groups, farmers, and more. Most of us are from Centre Wellington. A growing number are from across Ontario and outside Canada.

Our fight is a global fight against corporate greed.

How you can help Stop Nestlé:




Be on our mailing list. Come to our meetings to contribute your thoughts and efforts. Or simply spread the word through your evolving understanding of this critical issue.

We are all volunteers. But of course, we have costs. They aren’t large. But they add up. You can leverage the efforts and time donated freely by our volunteers by donating to the cause of water protection through Save Our Water. Please do it now. Help keep us going.

Show your support and further commitment. Make an active stand by becoming a champion with Save Our Water. 

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Who we are

We create awareness through extensive research, protest marches, fundraising events, blue ribbon and lawn sign initiatives, community information talks, and meetings with public officials. We encourage local politicians to stand up for the protection of our groundwater.

Our campaign is entering a new phase of intensity. There’s no time to lose.


Save Our Water works with allies, most prominently Wellington Water Watchers, a Guelph-based group that has been at the forefront of groundwater defence for over a decade. Wellington Water Watchers has: 1) successfully lobbied the Ontario government on permit renewals for Nestlé in the Ontario communities of Aberfoyle and Hillsburgh; 2) stood up to Nestlé when the company appealed mandatory drought restrictions; 3) won additional monitoring of the two wells.


Contact our Provincial Representatives and let them know you don't support large scale commercial water taking for the purpose of bottling. Now is the time for you to make your voice heard and be a part of protecting groundwater for future generations! Write a letter today.


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