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Save the Date - Community Thank You

Save the Date Save the Date for Save Our Water's community thank you. Saturday May 14 at the Bissell Park Pavilion. From 11:00am until 1:00pm we will have a banner to sign, water drops to write on, water bottles for sale, and at 12:00pm a few short remarks and an update on where we are now. Given your support for us, we would like to thank you! Hope you can come by.


Lawn Signs We decided to keep the Save Our Water lawn signs inside now until we see that there is some change or an application for a permit at Middlebrook. And we don’t know when that may be or if it will happen. So far it’s been seven long years without a drop lost to Nestlé or the new owner Blue Triton. But it’s still not over. Even with the new legislation for water bottlers, they could still apply for a smaller amount, so we need to stay engaged and vigilant. And then the lawn signs could come out again. So stay tuned! If you would like your sign back or have any questions, please let us know. And thank you for this great support!

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