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Save Our Water demands removal of Schedule 6 from Bill 229

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Proposed changes to Ontario’s Conservation Act will set environmental protection back by decades.

Photo: Chris Donovan

In a matter of days, Schedule 6 of the Provincial Government’s Budget Bill 229 ( will strip away the power of Conservation Authorities to deny developments on flood plains and in Ontario’s sensitive natural areas. Save Our Water is joining together with other environmental groups in asking MPPs across Ontario to let Conservation Authorities do their job.

What is at stake with Budget Bill 229 Schedule 6?

Conservation Authorities have a vital role in ensuring that our watersheds are protected, and that communities are not put at risk from flooding and other impacts as a result of climate change and ongoing degradation of Ontario’s river valleys, floodplains and wetlands. Building climate resilience is crucially important, and saving water for future generations is absolutely critical.

Time is running out! Please phone your MPP, and also send them an email. Better yet, ask them to call you back in person. Demand that the government remove Schedule 6 from Bill 229.

If this goes ahead, Ontarians will have to live with the consequences of this decision for years to come.

These proposed changes fly in the face of science.

We simply cannot allow development at any cost.

Ready to call your MPP now? Environmental Defence has setup a form to directly patch you through to your MPP based on your postal code! Alternatively, you can find your MPP’s contact information on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario directory.


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