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Save Our Water is going to Queen's Park on February 27th to present its petition!

(And we want you to come with us!)

Mike Schreiner, the leader of the Green Party of Ontario and the MPP for Guelph will be presenting the Save Our Water petition to the Ontario government at Queens Park. We are asking Save Our Water friends to come fill the Members Gallery ‘to the rafters’ in support of this momentous occasion. This is our chance to be seen and heard by the Ontario government. A victory for SAVE OUR WATER will set precedent for other communities faced with the same struggle.

So help us make history! Join us on this very special day!

For most of us, the plan is to take the GO train from Guelph Central Station in the early morning. Trains leave Guelph at 6:07, 6:32 and 7:12 Once at Queens Park, the day will begin with a Press Conference at 9:30 – 10:00am featuring Mike Schreiner and a Save Our Water spokesperson.

At 10:15, Mike Schreiner will introduce our group to the house so the more people there at that time the better!! We’ll then meet for lunch in the building’s cafeteria at noon, followed by the Presentation of the Petition to the Legislative Assembly at 1 pm. Save Our Water people will be on hand to greet you and help you navigate the day. And we can all take the GO Train back to Guelph and sing victory songs upstairs in the Quiet Car! You must register to join us!

Save Our Water signs, buttons & badges are not permitted. (Although some of us are planning to wear light blue.) You will be able to leave your coats, purses and mobile phones in Mike Schreiner’s office.

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