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Ontario government proposes six-month extension of the moratorium

The Ontario government today announced a proposed six-month extension of the moratorium on water bottling permits, ending April 1, 2021. The current moratorium, which originally took effect on December 16, 2016 and was previously extended on December 21, 2018 and again on December 23, 2019, prohibits new permits for water bottling facilities to take groundwater, prevents existing water bottling facilities from increasing their draw beyond what is authorized in their current permit, and precludes new or amended permits for pumping tests to identify sources for bottled water.

This extension to the moratorium is being proposed to allow the government “time to thoroughly review and consider the feedback received on our proposed enhancements to Ontario’s water taking program, as well as to further consult with the public, stakeholders and Indigenous communities on how we can implement those proposed enhancements before the moratorium ends”.

“Save Our Water is pleased to learn about this further extension to the moratorium. It reflects the level of concern and interest in the regulations that will be managing groundwater in Ontario,” said Brent Coleman of Save Our Water.

Based in Centre Wellington, Ontario, Save Our Water has long been an advocate for policy that prioritizes the needs of ecosystems, farms and municipal water sources, reflecting the uncertain challenges of climate change and population growth.

“We support an amendment to the Ontario Water Resources Act that would require water bottlers to have support of a host municipality when applying for a new permit to take water. It is right that the local municipality has a voice in the decision,” said Jan Beverage of Save Our Water.

Save Our Water urges all Ontario residents to post a comment relating to the proposed extension of the moratorium on the Environmental Registry of Ontario at and be a part of the push towards more responsible water policy for the sake of protecting groundwater for future generations.

Save Our Water Contact: Donna McCaw 519-780-7284

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