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Ontario government proposes amendment to the Ontario Water Resources Act

The Ontario government yesterday announced a proposed amendment to the Ontario Water Resources Act that would give local host municipalities more direct input on allowing bottled water companies to withdraw new or increased amounts of groundwater in their communities. The amendment would require water bottling companies “to seek a municipal resolution from the local host municipality either supporting or objecting to the proposed water taking” for daily water takings greater than 379,000 litres.

The amendment states that “if a local host municipal council objects to the proposed water taking, an application for a permit to take water would not be able to proceed. If a subsequent municipal council resolution is passed withdrawing the objection to the proposed taking, the application would be able to proceed for review by the ministry”.

Save Our Water is pleased to learn that the Province is following through on this proposed enhancement to the Ontario Water Resources Act, enabling greater say for local host municipalities across Ontario,” said Brent Coleman of Save Our Water.

Based in Centre Wellington, Ontario, Save Our Water has long been an advocate for policy that prioritizes the needs of ecosystems, farms and municipal water sources, reflecting the uncertain challenges of climate change and population growth.

“The Township of Centre Wellington has requested that the Ministry give consideration to support of the host community, and Save Our Water stands with our Mayor and council in this request,” said Jan Beverage of Save Our Water. “Requiring the consent of the municipality would give residents and communities a louder voice.” Save Our Water urges all Ontario residents to post a comment relating to this proposed amendment on the Environmental Registry of Ontario at and be a part of the push towards more responsible water policy for the sake of protecting groundwater for future generations.

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