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Looking back on our #StandWithUs Campaign

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

There is no sugar-coating it; 2020 has been a tough year! The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly challenged us all in numerous and very tangible ways. As a grass roots group, we've had to get creative in continuing our work and maintaining engagement with our community and supporters, while keeping public health measures close in mind.

April 2020 marked the beginning of our #StandWithUs campaign! Without being able to engage with our community and supporters face-to-face at the Elora Farmers Market and other in-person events, we needed a way to generate momentum and keep our issue visible. This campaign started a lot of conversations and saw a number of individuals and businesses step up and speak out against a permit at Middlebrook.

To all of you who participated in and/or engaged with our #StandWithUs campaign: A heartfelt thank you from all of us at Save Our Water.

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