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Let's Send Ford A Message He Cannot Ignore!

Doug Ford got his Bill 23 passed just as fast as he could. But don’t despair!

Regulations for this Bill haven’t been framed out yet, there can still be minor amendments, and changes are reversible. The consultations periods have been extended into December.

Just in the last few days the government has already walked back some of the details and will now allow municipal standards of sustainable construction, less aggregate mining and more public consultation on developments.

So it’s important that together we keep up the pressure!

It seems all of civil society is enraged about Bill 23 and about Ford’s broken promise on the Greenbelt that came fast on its heels. Condemnation of the Bill has brought together the First Nations Chiefs of Ontario, farmers’ organizations, all of the four hundred and forty-four municipalities of Ontario, for whom their association wrote a scathing letter, environmental groups, water guardians, heritage protectors, the young people who can’t afford homes and know this Bill will not make them more attainable, and just the ordinary folks and voters who know that this is simply a shady backroom deal for developers and are angry about the broken Greenbelt promise.

Hope to see you all at the Rally Sunday December 4, 1:00 PM, at the Cenotaph Park in front of the municipal building in downtown Elora.

Bring signs, flags, noisemakers.

Be prepared to pick up lawn signs and flyers.

The larger media are opposed to these changes, and we can give them something to cover.

Please share this message with your friends and neighbours.

Phone as many MPPs as you can, from all parties, and express your opposition.

Thank you

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