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How Plastic Water Bottles Contribute to Global Warming

Some people may not be able to tell the difference between bottled water and tap water. But the planet can. Did you ever consider how much energy is required to produce and use bottled water? Of course it depends on where that water is bottled and where you live, but two researchers, Peter Gleick and Heather Cooley answered that question in their study “Energy Implications of Bottled Water” (PDF warning). The energy required to produce the plastic resin from oil, transport the resin pellets to the factory, form the bottles, process the water, clean, fill, seal and label the bottles and transport them to market is up to 2,000 times the energy required to produce the equivalent volume of tap water. Then consider the energy needed to dispose of the bottles. And what about all the bottles that are not recycled? Even more greenhouse gases are emitted when solar radiation degrades plastic in the environment. Every one of us would prefer to live on a healthier Earth. Think for a moment and imagine a future in which nature and humanity thrive. This is not a future that has bottled water in it.

Connecting with the Ministry

Save Our Water has now introduced our concerns about protecting groundwater to Minister David Piccini, the new Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. We are very pleased with the municipal veto requiring water-bottling companies to have the support of their host municipalities before they can apply for a new permit. This means there can be no large water taking. But we would still like assurance that the 379,000 litre per day exemption from the veto, which the Ministry is now referring to as an exemption for small businesses, won’t go to a water bottler at Middlebrook. We also updated the Ministry with a new hydrogeologist’s report as of June 2021.

Water for a Growing Municipality

You may notice that the Township is working on wells at two of their sites, on St. Andrew St. E., and on Scotland St. They are drilling and testing the water with the plan to replace those wells, to bring you more of our environmentally friendly tap water.

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