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Council Declares Centre Wellington is NOT a willing host for commercial water takers.

Report from the Committee of the Whole May 22, 2018 Recommendation:

WHEREAS the population of the Township of Centre Wellington is mandated to grow to approximately 45,000 by 2041;

AND WHEREAS the Township is dependent upon accessible and environmentally secure groundwater for its municipal water supply;

AND WHEREAS the Township is currently studying its long term water supply options through both the Scoped Tier 3 Water Budget and the Long-Term Water Supply Master Plan;

AND WHEREAS the preliminary findings from these studies have identified the need for additional sources of groundwater to service its projected growth to 2041 and beyond;

AND WHEREAS the Council of the Township of Centre Wellington has, by resolution, declared water resources within the Township to be a “Public Trust.”


1. The Township of Centre Wellington is not a willing host community to any new commercial water bottling operation or the taking of water for that purpose under any circumstances;

2. The Township of Centre Wellington opposes the issuance of a new Permit to Take Water pursuant to the Ontario Water Resources Act and associated Regulations to any individual person or corporation to enable the extraction of water from any source located within its boundaries for the purpose of a commercial water bottling operation;

3. The Township Clerk is hereby directed to distribute this resolution to the Leaders of the four major political parties in Ontario and to their individual candidates running in the Provincial election within Centre Wellington prior to June 7, 2018.

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