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Good Big News

The Ontario government is proposing a six-month extension of the moratorium on water bottling permits, ending April 1, 2021. This extension to the moratorium is being proposed to allow the government “time to thoroughly review and consider the feedback received on our proposed enhancements to Ontario’s water taking program, as well as to further consult with the public, stakeholders and Indigenous communities on how we can implement those proposed enhancements before the moratorium ends”. This means they want to get the regulations and legislative changes nailed down before lifting the moratorium on any new water bottling applications.

Save Our Water is urging you to POST YOUR COMMENT telling them that you support the proposed extension of the moratorium on the Environmental Registry of Ontario.


Thanks, from all of us at Save Our Water for being a part of the push towards more responsible water policy for the sake of protecting groundwater for future generations.


Have you heard about local hero Tyler Bowley?

He’s 31 and a resident of Centre Wellington and he’s spending part of COVID picking up trash. He says it started as a hobby, to get outdoors and fill in the lonely spaces around social distancing. We caught up with him at his sorting shed where he divides the trash he finds from ditches and parks, into waste for the dump, recycling and ‘returnables’ for cash, which he donates.

Thank you, Tyler. We are behind you 100%!

Picking up trash prevents some of it from ending up clogging steams and getting into the river. We know the harmful effects of plastic pollution and this simple everyday action can make all the difference…Let’s end plastic pollution, at least locally!

Please join us as we take up Tyler’s #CleaningUpCW challenge.

When you go for a walk, take some gloves and a container and pick up along streets and roads, parks and sidewalks. Make it a habit. Spread the word.



Comment on the moratorium by September 28

Join Tyler’s #CleaningUpCW challenge until the snow flies.

Watershed 2020: On September 26th Save Our Water will be participating in an event hosted by the Wellington Water Watchers. We have been asked to do a 1/2-hour workshop.

We thought we would give a lesson on:

How to grow a community of water activists, highlighting these areas: community engagement, bringing council on board, amplifying the message with an almost zero budget, asking the experts and … avoiding burn-out!

Thank you from the Save Our Water team!

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