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Commenting on Ontario’s New Water Management Plan

We’re now at the final stage where the Province is drafting new legislation on how they issue water-taking permits. Hallelujah!

Pat your backs. We’ve come a long way from where we started over 5 years ago. We asked the Province to recognize a hierarchy of water uses with drinking water needs and the environment taking priority above commercial water bottling. We asked for new policies for water permits. We asked that the legislation for water management be reviewed. And they listened!

New legislation regarding the municipal veto over water bottlers has already been enacted

But now, in the final stretch, we’ve been asked again to give input on these 3 remaining items before they too become legislation.

  • A management strategy for water-stressed areas of the province.

  • Priorities of water uses, with environment and drinking water coming first.

  • Greater transparency of data.

The proposal was posted by the Province on December 7, with a comment deadline February 5. Here is the proposal, with detailed documentation attached: Here are some of the comments submitted from Save Our Water 1. We support the strategy for managing permits to take water in water-stressed areas. However, we feel the Ministry does not have the tools it needs to protect natural ecosystems in those areas. 2. We support priorities of water use, by which a water taking permit will not be issued if it will cause unacceptable impacts to drinking water needs or to the environment. Again, we are concerned that impacts to ecosystem needs will not be adequately measured. We are also concerned that long-term planning for municipal water sources is not taken into account. 3. We support transparency of data, but the proposed regulation offers public access only to the most minimal information. For those who want to see our full comments, visit our website here. Please submit your own comments here by February 5 It’s not often that we have a chance to make improvements on legislation. So, thanks once again for going to bat with us! Together we have made great things happen. We’re almost there.

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