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Bill 23 and the Greenbelt Challenges

Doug Ford has come up with draconian plans that will remove environmental protections and weaken the role of conservation authorities, municipalities and the public in environmental planning and decision-making.

We can’t let this happen.

His plans are an assault on the democratic process.

His plans support private over public interests.

His plans turn environmental protection back over 50 years.

His plans put future groundwater resources at risk, and open the gates for increased flooding, drought and pollution of our rivers, while paving over productive farmland, Greenbelt protected areas, aquifer recharge areas, wetlands, woodlands and wildlife habitat. His policy changes spell disaster for the farmland and natural areas that sustain us.

His plans ignore the climate crisis entirely.

We don’t have to choose between housing and the environment.

We have to let Doug Ford know that his plans are unacceptable. Instead of more homes built faster, we need more planning done smarter.

What can you do?

Write to or phone:

Your MPP (locally this is Ted Arnott): or 519-787-5247

Doug Ford: or 416-325-1941

Minister Steve Clark, Municipal Affairs and Housing: or 416-585-7214

Minister Graydon Smith, Natural Resources and Forestry: or 416-314-2301

Minister David Picini, Environment, Conservation and Parks: or 416-314-6790

Tell them:

1. all of the policy changes that weaken protection of farmland and sensitive natural areas must be withdrawn; and

2. the role of the public, conservation authorities and municipalities in environmental planning and decision-making must be upheld.

Include your full name and contact information with any email or phone call.

Please help,

Thank you.

These postings affiliated with the More Homes Built Faster plan are still open for public comment on the Environmental Registry:

1. Paving over the Greenbelt - tell the province to stick to Ford’s 2018 provincial election promise not to touch the protected Greenbelt land and to solve the housing problem in another way. open for comment until December 4.

2. Paving over wetlands – tell the province that the 10 to 30% of wetlands left in southern Ontario are critical pieces of natural infrastructure that recharge aquifers, filter out toxic pollution to groundwater and prevent flooding and drought. They store twice as much carbon as forests, and cannot be replaced. open for comment until November 24.

3. Streamlining approvals for houses built over farmland and natural heritage areas – tell the province we don’t need to choose between houses and farmland and environmentally sensitive areas. We need both both. open for comment until December 30.

4. Building homes on conservation authority land – tell the province that forcing conservation authorities to sell off protected sensitive land to developers jeopardizes the environmental and ecological future of the province. open for comment until November 24.

5. Allowing developers to offset destruction of natural areas by paying into a fund – tell the province that sacrificing wetlands, woodlots and other wildlife habitats is based on an extremely risky, proven unsuccessful and untenable premise that these natural areas can simply be re-created elsewhere. open for comment until December 30.

6. Changing the municipal planning act – tell the province that eroding local democratic rights, proper processes and planning authority will undo years of planning accomplishments that represent the best interests of our citizens and keep our communities great places to live. open for comment until November 24.

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