Ontario: Deny Nestle Water-Taking Permit in Aberfoyle Care2Petition

Ontario: Deny Nestle Water-Taking Permit in Aberfoyle Nestle is currently seeking a 10-year extension on their water taking permit in Aberfoyle, ON, just outside of Guelph. The permit would allow the corporation to pump 3.6 million litres of water from the aquifer each day, and then sell it to the public. In a time of climate instability, often experienced as increased drought periods, a 10-year water permit for hundreds of millions of litres of water a year is a completely unsustainable process. As well, clean water should be a right and no corporation should profit from the public's resources. While locals pay around $1.50 per 1000L of residential water, Nestle pays the government around $3.70 for every million litres they draw and then sells it back to consumers at a huge mark up. This commodification of a basic human necessity must stop. Sign today to stand up to corporate profiteering of public resources. By signing today you help protect water resources for future generations. Link to Petiton Site Save

Avaaz Nestle: hands off our drinking water!

Avaaz Petition Link:  https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/nestle_ontario_water_loc/ To Premier Wynne and Nestle Canada: It's time to end the practice of selling groundwater to companies for them to turn massive profits at the public expense. Nestle's attempts to purchase Middlebrook well should be blocked, and the Ontario government should urgently review all rules and regulations about private purchase and use of water supply in the province.

Avaaz Petition to Kathleen Wynne

Avaaz Petition: Kathleen Wynne, Premier of the Province of Ontario: Refuse Nestle a permit to take water from the Middlebrook Road site