Full Moon Water Blessing April 9


Come to the Full Moon Water Blessing for April, hosted by SaveOurWater.CA with RedandWhiteCarnations.CA at Awareness Yoga. Please bring flowers for the Despatcho Ceremony. It will be conducted by Fiona Rattray and Linda Ludwig.

While encouraging all Ontarian’s to participate in the political process that allows for public commenting on water-taking policies, Wellington Water Watchers also invites us to consider another relationship we each have with water as our birthright. #Water is essential for all of life, and as such is more than just a “resource to be managed” but rather a precious gift we are entrusted with while we are here. To honour and celebrate this relationship, Wellington Water Watchers calls on Faith-based or traditional cultural groups to host a Full Moon Water Blessing on a Sunday closest to the full moon throughout the coming year.


Will you come?