Save Our Water formed in April 2015 and is a growing movement of residents committed to the protection and preservation of the Grand River watershed. They are working closely with Wellington Water Watchers to safeguard the groundwater that our communities, our wetlands and our river ecosystems rely on.

SaveOURWater.ca came into being in April 2015 when a small group of Centre Wellington residents decided, together, that Nestle should never be permitted to take our water.

Since then, more and more local residents and businesses have joined us, united in the conviction that water is for life. In Centre Wellington, we know that water sustains our farms and our industries, our towns and our families. We love and are proud of our rivers, our lakes, our waterfalls and our deep limestone gorges. We live here. Here, we are all stewards of our water, and of all the life and prosperity that our water makes possible.

SaveOURWater.ca represents all the water stewards of Centre Wellington. We believe that Nestle’s challenge to Centre Wellington is a challenge to all. It’s not just about us, it’s about you—about you, where you live. Our struggle to saveOURwater is also a struggle to keep your water public, to insist on every person’s right to clean drinking water.

If we are to ensure that future generations have the clean tap water, healthy rivers, and stunning waterscapes that we now enjoy, then we must act now. SaveOURwater is working with water allies near and far to stop Nestle from taking OUR water—for us and for you, and for future us and you.

Save Our Water and Wellington Water Watchers

SOW is working closely with Wellington Water Watchers (WWW) to learn from their vast experience with these type of permits to take water. WWW has been at the forefront for over 9 years on Nestlé permit renewals in both Aberfoyle and Hillsburgh Ontario. WWW has been successful in getting additional monitoring in place and stood up to Nestlé when they appealed mandatory drought restrictions. Wellington Water Watchers is a respected voice on source water protection and exploitation.